Tips for Keeping your Sauna Room in Top Functioning Condition

These days people in all over the world are choosing the natural way of enjoying health, wellness and lifestyle by opting for the most effective sauna sessions. Enjoying a sauna bath or a heat session in a sauna room offers you the sensation of freshness and rejuvenated spirit that improves both physical and mental states. A sauna session will relieve stress, eliminate toxins from the body, heals to an extent the joint pain, colds and allergies, improves sleep and body’s immune system and promotes cardiovascular health.

What makes the best sauna?

An insulated room lined with soft cedar wood, where a top functioning sauna heater is installed makes a high performance sauna room that will help you enjoy optimal heat sessions at your own comfort. Apart from this, in a sauna room, you can use variable lights and sauna accessories like water bucket, a long handled ladle and a sauna thermometer, which will help in getting the best out of your sauna session.

Here are some great tips to care and maintain your sauna room for enjoying the great benefits of heat session:

Sauna Rooms

1. Do thorough Cleaning:

A heat session in a sauna room result in sweating, which can drip down underneath the benches and accumulate, this makes it important to deep clean the sauna room. You can wash the cedar benches of the sauna room with a mild solution or liquid cleaner and water to remove any kind of buildup or perspiration stains from the wood. Please never ever use ammonia or harsh cleaners, as this can turn the wood gray. You need to do a slight wash to maintain the floor clean. In order to preserve your sauna’s cleanliness, you or other members can use towels to sit on while enjoying a sauna session.

2. Maintain the Heating Element:

The rocks and heater are the main heating element that makes saunas effective, for which you need to maintain these in a right way that will not only improve your sauna experience, but also ensures safety. You must clean the rocks in warm soapy water and remove any broken rocks, which will prevent the buildup of debris. The sauna heaters usually require a little maintenance, but this does not mean to stay away from cleaning it. You can clean the stainless steel outer shell of the sauna heater with a soft cloth and mild or non-abrasive cleaner.

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3. Take Good Care of the Sauna Accessories:

One of the most important sauna accessories like the wooden bucket should be kept partly filled with water, which will prevent the wood from drying out and leaking. You can store the bucket (when not in use) at the floor level that will slow the evaporating rate. Likewise make sure all the sauna accessories are clean and well maintained.

sauna rooms

You need to make sure that your sauna room is in top condition to deliver a high performance, which will result in an optimal heat session. If you are planning to build a sauna, then rely on a world leader sauna manufacturer- Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas. You will get an opportunity to buy a customized DIY sauna room kit from Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas at the best price, which are easy and simple to install. Check out our sauna installation guide: to enjoy the convenience and ease of setting up a sauna room.