Know How to Find the Right Infrared Sauna Heater for Your Home Sauna

For many of you, relaxation should feel like a luxury treat, even while taking you closer to your goals of being healthy and fit. Leisure activities like sauna soaking offer great relaxation along with a series of health advantages, including enhanced memory, a better immune system, and reduced risk for infections and strokes.

Given the fast pace of modern life, however, not all can get the time and place to relax more often. Going out of town or city is a privilege that comes to many after several years. Fortunately, there is an easy way to have a spa-like relaxing experience in your own home: an infrared sauna. It ensures IR sauna therapy using infrared sauna heaters which radiate heat energy to ultimately get absorbed deep into the skin surface of the user.

These days, many national and international manufacturers offer 1-3 person precut sauna kits that could be easily set up in your home, giving you a chance for a relaxing sauna soak after a long tiring day. The highly advanced light technology based Infrared sauna heaters radiate energy with a wavelength varying in between 6-14 microns, leading to deeper muscle penetration when compared to conventional steam saunas. These heaters are mostly activated by passing an electrical current through its emitter. It aids in energizing and exciting the emitter as a result of which energy radiation takes place inside the sauna in the form of heat and light.

For home sauna users, there are different options for IR sauna heaters available in the market. One of the key considerations is to choose the type of infrared sauna heating system that would get fit into your home sauna.  Basically, there are 2 primary kinds of Infrared sauna heaters: a rod style heater and a panel style heater.

The cylindrical shape emitter of rod heater makes it distinguishable from the panel type. Functionally both are effective and alike. They help the user sweat a lot. You will find them to maintain perfect cabin temperature, have the same operational cost, attractive look and safe handling features.

An uncoated or coated cylindrical rod is used as the emitter in rod type heater which is relatively smaller than a panel heater. The panel type has a large coverage area, a typical black look and a low profile structure. The conductive fabric -mostly carbon can be seen laminated to fiberglass substrates or fixed to frames. While covering a large area, panel style IR sauna heaters distribute heat more evenly and never leave any cool spots that may happen in case of rod heaters.

What are your options in the emitters of IR sauna heaters?

The 2 common kinds of emitter materials that sauna heaters are made of are ceramic and carbon fiber.

Ceramic Sauna Heater

Though made of fragile material that is likely to break during transportation with slight mishandling, ceramic sauna heaters provide a true experience of infrared radiation. They are more effective in the process of soft tissue heat penetration and are considered to be the most perfect for users who believe in a short yet intense sauna session. 

Carbon Fiber Sauna Heater

These infrared sauna heaters come with thin carbon fiber panels that are designed to uniformly distribute heat throughout the cabin. They are durable and are at little risk of breaking during transportation. Due to their large surface area coverage, they can last up 18,000 hours and are suitable for people who like more leisurely and longer sauna sessions.

Which One should be your ultimate choice?

A carbon fiber and a ceramic sauna heater will bring you the same health benefits—pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, etc.—but they adapt to different means to achieve these results. Pay attention to the differences in structure and features of both these sauna heater types and determine which one best matches your preference, soaking needs and budget. But eventually, a home sauna is a great investment you can make for your relaxation at home.

Looking to buy one?

There is no denial that relaxation is what all of you need and should make time for after a long day of hard work. By installing an infrared sauna in your home, you will be able to feel fresh after letting go of the pressure throughout the day, while experiencing various healing benefits in the process.   If you are looking to purchase an easy to install Infrared sauna heater in your home without the requirement for drainage or a steam venting system, go through the collection of Cedar Barrel Saunas. It is Northern Lights owned indoor and outdoor sauna kits supplier offering various kinds of heating systems including carbon fiber sauna heaters, hybrid sauna heaters and traditional electrical sauna heaters. Go ahead and contact Cedar Barrel Saunas at 1 800 759 8990 to know about the pricing and features of carbon fiber sauna heater now!