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Know About the Different Options Available for Building Your Sauna Rooms

April 23, 2018 - No Responses

More sauna rooms are perhaps built and set up by their owners rather than being installed by expert professionals.

Design Options:-

There is a wide variety of modular sauna kits, which can be either traditional designs of pre-built panels that can be assembled together to convert into a fully functional sauna room or custom size sauna packages that are designed to meet the owner’s details. With a DIY sauna kit, you will be able to fast and easily build a sauna room fitting any surroundings and space. However, you will have to select the right size sauna kit as the supplier will deliver the complete package matching your space requirements.

Type Options:-

Traditionally, sauna rooms are separate cabins built outside the home so thinking to build your sauna in the backyard is perfectly ok. An outdoor sauna may cost you a little more due to weather protection and possibly laying electricity and water supplies to the site.

If you don’t have enough space outside or simply want to enjoy more privacy by building a sauna room inside your house then you still have options in pre-built sauna panels. They are freestanding varieties which can be disassembled and carried around to set up at anywhere inside the house.

Doors and Windows Options:-

Sauna doors should always open outside for safety concerns. The door of a standard size sauna room measures around 24″x72″. You are free to order a sauna kit coming with a pre-hung door which is less likely to distort even in the great differences in heat and humidity.  The factory supplied sauna doors come in different finishes and some even come with pre-built windows. These windows are mostly made of single glazed, tempered glass to survive heat better and have enough room in the frame to facilitate expansion.

Walls and Benches Options:-

The walls of a sauna room should be properly lined in a vertical or horizontal design using all possible sauna liner materials. After the walls are lined, you will have to think of installing the wooden sauna benches which will be wide enough for anyone to stretch out on and made with 1/2” gaps in between the boards so that air circulation will be easier. Benches are organized in a 2-tier, upper and lower bench layout so that you can enjoy the temperature that soothes the body best; the lower bench turns out to be a little cooler than the top bench.

Vents and lighting Options:-

Most sauna rooms will just need 2 air vents for uniform heat distribution and keep the air fresh.

One inlet vent should be placed below the sauna heater (generally an air gap is left under the sauna door/door vent); the outlet vent should be placed on the opposite side, nearby the ceiling to exercise some kind of control on it while helping regulate the heat too.

Apart from suitable ventilation openings (4” to 6” diameter), it is essential to maintain the right lighting in the sauna room for perfect pleasure and relaxation. It’s fine to just have one sauna light or you can even go for more. You should not exaggerate the sauna room though.

Sauna Heating Options:-

If you want a traditional sauna soak experience with a wood-fired stove then you can carefully follow the manufacturer’s manual to build it on your own. If you are interested in building a sauna room heated by an infrared or electric stove then you should contact a professional electrician to handle wiring for you. And the DIY sauna room packages come included with the best heater matching your cubic space.

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Know Different Choices Available in Sauna Rooms

June 20, 2016 - No Responses

No matter you see them as sweathouses or use them for steambath, you will enjoy a multitude of health benefits from the sauna rooms which are mainly therapeutic in nature and ensured thorough dry or wet heat sessions. The traditional dry sauna or Finnish sauna was the first variety of sauna room to be designed. It is still serving as a blueprint for building many of today’s modern saunas. Due to the relaxing bath session in these sauna rooms, a broad range of health benefits can be experienced, while sharing moments in a social/family circle or spending solitary moments both at the physical or mental level.

Various Kinds of Sauna Rooms

Sauna rooms are installed in private homes, luxury resorts, and spas and health clubs as an effective way to relax and heal naturally. From wood-heated or smoke saunas to deep rock tray varieties, the sauna rooms are designed to allow the muscles of users to relax fast, which proves beneficial after a hectic work schedule or hard play session. They make a great alternative for non-physical exercise which promotes higher blood circulation all over the body. Based on the kind of sauna rooms you choose, your experience is likely to differ, but bringing you almost all the advantages associated with the use of a sauna soak. 

When it comes to finding an appropriate option in sauna rooms, there are three major varieties to consider. There are long used varieties of Swedish or Finnish saunas that includes a small room or a separate area. Within the sauna room, a sauna heater gets placed, which may be driven by wood, gas or electricity. Some of these sauna rooms have hot air (dry saunas) while others (wet saunas) produce steam by keeping stones hot and pouring water on them. The second type of sauna uses metal or ceramics to create heat through continuous emission of of far infrared energy and are therefore named after them (far infrared saunas). And your third and final option is infrared lamp saunas, which uses radiant infrared heat lamps to deliver the heat required to make the sauna operative. While selecting this option, you will be able to get the advantages of color therapy induced by from different colors of light, that can be effective in healing of specific organs in the user body.

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