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How Long It will Take a Wood Fired Barrel Sauna to Heat Up?

July 30, 2016 - No Responses

You might have always wanted the luxury of 100% Western red cedar Barrel Saunas in your garden or outdoor area which is a modern retention of a traditional warm soaking concept. Some of the top rated Cedar Saunas manufacturers in the world produce the finely finished and highly functional outdoor barrel saunas packaged with indoor sauna kits. Each of these barrel shaped outdoor sauna is hand built using the finest grade Western Red Cedar wood. Due to excellent stave design, the barrel sauna can guarantee a water tight seal without the use of any covering or roof. And the use of finest elements such as high quality western red cedar wood, stainless steel fasteners and straps, and accessories offers perfect sauna heating experience using wood fired, electric or infra-red sauna heater.

Wood fired barrel saunas deliver warmth, a tender soaking experience, and the pleasant fragrance of original cedar wood in your sauna. Most of the sauna enthusiasts in this world prefer the wood fired barrel saunas as they represent the traditional forms of saunas but with multiple benefits over electrically operated ones. But there is one question which strikes the mind of buyers sooner or later is “How long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat up?” The answer will differ based on the geographical location, the individual’s soaking habit, the heater kind and the sauna size.

The wood fired barrel sauna heating temperature and time may vary from one user to another; some of you like to soak in a lower heat temperature heat, for example 165F, whereas others have a preference for a higher heating temperature such as, 190F. As it is widely known that a wood fired barrel sauna will take 30-40 minutes to heat to 165F in and less than an hour to heat up to190F.

Even though you bother to know how long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat up but the heat time will be mainly based on the surrounding temperature. A barrel sauna used outside in a cooler atmosphere temperature of 20F will take longer to heat than one which is used in the warmer temperature of 50F.

The efficiency and heating capacity of wood stove used in the barrel sauna are crucial for the overall heating experience and in deciding how long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat and operate. The heating time will be less as long as the wood burning stove ignites fire to build up heat fast. Although wood fired barrel saunas emit the pleasant smell and crackling sounds of a typical wood fired stove, the process of catching the fire and building heat can consume a little more time. The traditional heating mechanism of the wood fired heater will take more time and heat up gradually.

There are many reputed cedar wood fired barrel saunas manufacturers like Cedar Barrel with experts to guide you on how long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat up. The barrel like structure of the sauna is not just traditional and attractive but also effective. It is small in dimension than a square size sauna room and has less coverage of air, therefore will heat up your sauna room faster.

So, in a nutshell, wood fired barrel saunas will take around 35 minutes to heat up properly or give you a reasonable heating experience. You can carry on your pre-sauna schedule or do exercise (jogging, walking, running or bike riding) during the heating time.

If you are a pure sauna enthusiast and like to get engaged in the long tradition of natural soaking, check out the site of Cedar Barrel Saunas to know how long wood fired barrel saunas will need to heat and how long they last.

How to care for your Sauna Rooms?

October 8, 2015 - No Responses

Sauna rooms have great value for their healing qualities and relaxing effect. They can be fit for use, and allow you the therapeutic benefits and comfort provided that you take proper care of them. However sauna needs minimal care and zero maintenance.

The maintenance of sauna will be simple and easy if its floor is tightly sealed and applied with wood preservative on selected sections. Once you finish with a sauna soak, keep its door open to allow free flow of air and quick drying of wooden surfaces. You can also lift up duckboards to help them dry out.

A thick piece of terrycloth, preferably double layered should always be used on the top bench to make you feel comfortable and keep the bench free from your sweat. Again, this cloth should be cleaned regularly.

It requires mild wash of the wood floor in sauna rooms many times a year to help it keep clean. The cedar wood benches can get cleaned with a gentle solution of liquid detergent and water to get rid of dirt and sweat getting deposited on the wood over time. You should avoid ammonia or hard cleaners as they damage the wood color and make it appear gray. It is better not to try sanding or stripping before applying a re-coat on wood. Again, any commercial grade wood sealant should not be used as they are unable to survive the humidity and temperature of sauna.

Sauna Rooms Maintenance

It is to be remembered that shrinkage or swelling may appear in the sauna door based on the level of moister inside the home and the weather outside. With removal of the friction door catch and adjustment of pressure-setting, this problem can get sorted out fast.

A low watt (40-60) and light colored bulb either in amber orange or white color can be used in your sauna to make them look warm, soft and comfortable. To increase the life of sauna bulb, it will be better to use a rough service bulb which is used in automotives a lot.

Sauna Heaters maintenance 

There is no regular maintenance or serious care required for sauna heaters. But the outer layer of the heater should be wiped with a soft cleaning agent. You will have to avoid things like steel wool that will cause it rust. Again, don’t open or un assembled the heater without the help of a professional.

Be sure to replace granite rocks in sauna rooms every six to ten years time. Sometimes, they may last as long as 15 years.

Sauna Accessory maintenance 

The wooden bucket should be treated with care and be rather placed upside down to keep drying especially when they are not used. You should prevent the ceiling from getting hot air which may come from any metal buckets kept on the top bench.

Since the care and maintenance of sauna rooms is not so hard, every one of you can think of getting one built in your home or outdoor area very soon. In case, you want to go ahead with this plan in a few days, pick up sauna rooms from Cedar and Barrel Saunas. We deal in all kinds of saunas including traditional Finnish , barrel shaped and cedar saunas. Checkout the features of each one of them and select the one you like the most.