Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas Tue, 27 Feb 2018 05:59:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 7 Simple Ways Home Saunas Can Make Your Life Better Tue, 27 Feb 2018 05:59:12 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas The name “sauna” sounds interesting in the freezing winter. As snow falls and the mercury level keeps all time low, the thought of getting into a sauna room built in your home may feel too irresistible.

Of course, warmness isn’t the sole thing that home saunas are meant for. Experts recommend them to include in your daily ritual to release toxins from your body system, relieve muscle strains and pains, promote glowing skin and enjoy a number of other health advantages. Just count on the experience of Finnish people who are used to the centuries old sauna tradition for their health and wellbeing.

Whether you select a home sauna in a traditional Finnish, barrel-shaped or infrared model, it can add to your comfort and convenience with little maintenance. And with a choice of a pre-cut sauna package or a pre-built sauna with the freestanding room, your dream of building a home sauna can complete soon.

Installing a home sauna can set a healthy lifestyle for your family. It is an asset with many useful features to be experienced in more than aspects of your life. Do you know these simple ways can make your life better?

  1. Home saunas allow you to keep aside some time for you. A home sauna is a perfect way to spend 15-20 minutes every day to keep you calm, healthy and concentrate on your dream.
  2. The aim of shedding extra weight and keep yourself fit can be accomplished with home saunas. A home sauna can help burn your energy (300 calories) an hour and enjoy the benefits of a cardiovascular workout. With the steam, the sauna not just activates your sweat glands, but also your heart to burn fat fast, sending oxygen to other internal organs.
  3. Home saunas bring temporary relief from tension, stress, or fatigue. Your stress and tension may go away by seating for a few minutes in a home sauna. The soothing heat along with moisture not only relaxes agitated the muscles but also soothes the soul and mind. From athletes and business professionals to average homeowners, everyone finds a home sauna experience to be highly pleasant and refreshing.
  4. The effect of chronic illness or pain can be reduced with the frequent use of home saunas. It is possible to minimize the signs of Arthritis and other illnesses using a home sauna. Neurotherapy and alternative medicine specialists prefer to recommend a home sauna for treatment of certain patients.
  5. Home saunas can boost your energy level. A sauna at home keeps you energized, ready for all challenges in your life.
  6. Home saunas help you find some time to keep away from daily chores. A sauna is not just a soaking haven, but also a mean to protect you from the daily demands of the modern world for a few minutes daily.
  7. Home saunas are inexpensive options to health clubs or gym. They are more convenient and private options to keep you fit. And the initial investment cost of a home sauna pays off soon in perfect health and cost savings on spa and gym charges.

Cedar Barrel Saunas supplies both outdoor barrel saunas and in-home sauna kits manufactured to the best standards with the finest Canadian western red cedar. Its range of home sauna kits is compact modular structures shipped with all the components required for easy installation, saving time and money of the customers. To enjoy the pleasing moment of soaking in a quality sauna room offered with a 5-year warranty, browse on Cedar Barrel Saunas online and feel free to call it at 1 800 759 8990 in case you have a query. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ social networks

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Wood Fired Sauna Heaters:The Quality & Design for a Real Finnish Experience Mon, 18 Dec 2017 09:56:41 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas Sauna, actually a Finnish term used in fitness and therapy circles all across the world, is best known for its great healing effect. It has been part of Finnish bath culture for more than 2000 years. Half of the Finns are seen using saunas for health/fitness, family gatherings, and as a location for social fun. The Finnish sauna soaking experience is matchless. It is only possible due to the top quality saunas produced in the Finland to the highest standard in the local sauna industry. Over all these years, a Finnish sauna refers to a better quality and designed sauna. The Finnish saunas have their power house in wood fired sauna heaters which generate and hold on to maximum heat. They make cost-effective heating options for sauna but mostly suit outdoor sauna applications.

In the present time, however, many people are still interested in having a traditional Finnish bath experience with low utility bills. Even though sauna heaters come in gas and electric models, but the option of a wood-fired sauna heater is more likely to recreate what they are looking to experience. It’s not only about producing the heat, but also about the shining flame, the scent of burning wood, and the pleasant ambiance. The wood burning sauna heaters need a small amount of wood to function and deliver a soothing experience.

woodfired sauna heater

Top Features of Wood Fired Sauna Heaters

1. No Requirement of Electricity

Nature’ fury can strike anytime in the form of a hurricane or flood jeopardizing the electrical connection completely. It may take a long time to restore the power supply in such situations before you start to use the sauna again. However, the use of wood burning sauna heaters can make your soak possible even in disastrous conditions. They are perfect for remote locations where there is no supply of electricity.

2. Healing Effect of Traditional Finnish Sauna

The temperature of a Finnish sauna, operating with a wood-fired sauna heater, exceeds the temperature of a steam room. The traditional sauna has 70% less humidity than Steam rooms which helps in fast relieving stress and tension, enhancing blood circulation at the same time. They also revive the skin through sweating or perspiration.  Of course, there may be confusion regarding your choice of steam rooms or traditional saunas, as both of them have their own advantages. If you want to experience a soft, therapeutic and pleasant soak, the wood fired sauna heaters will be the perfect choice.

3. Fun Gathering at the Sauna

Saunas provide traditional and desiring surroundings, especially if run with a wood burning sauna heater. If anyone enjoys igniting fires and organizing sauna parties, it will be the most appropriate option. The shining flames, the hiss of burning wood, and the distinctive aroma come together to please the senses. It creates the best setting for a fun time with your family or friends.

Sauna Heaters

Of course, Finland is the best place for a traditional sauna soaking experience. It is a country of 5 million people and around 2 million saunas. The saunas can be seen everywhere including hotels, offices, homes, ships, sports centers, and on the coast of scenic waterways, lakes. Finland manufactures the top notch electric and wood fired sauna heaters distributed in the world. You can have the same quality and performing wood burning sauna heaters on Cedar Barrel Saunas. When you look for a superlative Finnish sauna soaking experience, its better to invest in the best designed as well as best priced wood burning sauna stoves. Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Sauna brings you a range of the best quality wood fired sauna heaters for ultimate Finnish soaking experience. Place an order for your favorite wood sauna heater with Cedar Barrel Saunas with a call on 1-800-759-8990 or via *protected email*

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How to Keep your Sauna Room in Top Shape? Sat, 04 Nov 2017 07:06:06 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas Using a sauna offers many proven health benefits (both physical and mental). These days, people have found sauna a new natural way to improve wellness, health, and lifestyle. You can enjoy many health benefits by using sauna such as increasing blood flow, healthier looking skin, sooth muscles, increasing metabolic rate, detoxification (of the body), less stress levels, more immunity (by preventing common cold and flu) and much more. Having a sauna room at your home can help you enjoy the charm of an optimal sauna bath experience. One of the many benefits of sauna is, it requires less maintenance.

Whether you are using the sauna room every day, once in a week or as per your convenience, then it is important to keep it in a top condition. Keeping your sauna in a well-maintained and top condition enhances your heat session and offers many health benefits.

Here are some easy ways of maintaining your sauna and keeping in a top shape. Please have a look!

1. Ensure a Barrier Between the Body and Board:

Saunas are all about relaxing and detoxifying. During sauna, you usually sweat out a lot to get rid of toxins from the body. The sweat and body oils have to go somewhere, but make sure that the sauna wood should not be their final resting place. Make sure to use an absorbent towel (that are made especially for sauna use) to create a barrier between the body and board. This ensures your sauna room stays in top condition for long and requires a minimal cleaning.

2. Clean and Treat the Wood:

Stains do happen on the benches; headrests and backrests in the sauna room. You need to get rid of the stains by cleaning and treating the wood in the right way. The wood benches should be cleaned and sanitized by using natural treatments that are specifically designed to clean and deodorize sauna wood.

Please stay away from using any kind of chemicals or antibacterial treatment to clean the wood benches or floor of the sauna, as the heat and steam can break down the chemicals and cleaning solvents and create potentially toxic gases that can dry out the wood and cause damages.

To remove the stain marks, you can use fine sandpaper and consider a thorough cleaning. After sanding, make sure to go for a good job of vacuuming the surfaces (to clean out all the dust or dirt particles).

Sauna Rooms Framing Example

3. Ensure Proper Ventilation:

After a sauna session, always make sure to leave the doors open. This will help your sauna to dry out and evaporate the residual moisture. Please never apply any kind of stain or varnish to the interior of your sauna, as it can create a toxic environment.

4. Make It Odor Free:

It is common to have sweat on the floor of the sauna room. This can create a bad odor in the sauna. To get rid of this, you need to clean the sauna floor weekly; this will prevent bacteria and odor buildup.

A sauna room helps you relax and detoxify. Saunas that are well-designed and perfectly built are self-sufficient. If you want to buy a DIY sauna room, then visit today!  Our DIY sauna room packages allow you to quickly and conveniently convert any space inside your home to a sauna room.

To know more about DIY sauna room, please browse through this url:

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Top 10 Best Reasons to Invest in Home Saunas Tue, 12 Sep 2017 05:58:00 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas Saunas are imperative for modern day rest and relaxation arsenal. They are widely available in professional spas. Do you know home saunas are common in homes? So why do you go outside? Instead, enjoy sauna benefits in the comfort of your home and Plan an hour of pure indulgence and a soaking in a bath?

So, why do you install a sauna at your home? Here are a few reasons to explain you better:

1. Looking for a way to relax after a long day at work? What’s better than to sit and recline in home saunas? The presence of low humidity and heat inside will relieve stress, rejuvenate body and improve perspiration.

2. Do you find installing a sauna at home daunting? But in reality, it’s not. Nowadays home saunas are available in the pre-fabricated kit. All you need to hire a pro and install a sauna right away.

3. Why go a spa where you’ve to sit with a dozen of people? Instead, you can enjoy the convenience of the sauna at home. With complete privacy, you will rejuvenate yourself.

4. Want to live a healthy lifestyle? Install a home sauna and burn up to 300 calories an hour. The heat generated from the sauna can make your sweat glands and your heart start working more actively than earlier. Thus, it will help you burn calories.

5. Suffering from stress or fatigue? Taking a sauna bath at home can make you stress-free. In fact, the soothing heat and moisture help you relax aching and tense muscle while easing the mind and spirit.

6. Do you have a frequent pain or illness? Home saunas can act as the temporary pain reliever, easing the symptoms of many illnesses. This is why medical practitioners suggest that there’s nothing more relaxing and energizing than a sauna.

7. Need more energy? Taking a sauna at home will leave you energized and invigorated, make you ready to face your next day challenges.

8. Getting away from your daily demands? Home saunas can help you. Inside a closed door and protective steam curtain, a sauna can protect you from the daily demands for every minute of a day.

9. Avoid the gym or health clubs due to personal reasons like it’s expensive or inconvenience? Home saunas can be the perfect answer to this problem. All you need is to install home saunas and enjoy benefits of gyms and spas can offer but in a more private, convenient way.

10. Concerned about the costs of home saunas? It will pay for itself easily in your improved health and in saving you money from spa and gym.

Conclusion –

Now you might have got your answer whether you should install a home sauna or continue going crowded and over expensive spa. It’s up to you.

Set your mind? Interested in creating your own private sanctuary? And want to be away from the hurly-burly of the outside world?

Then, why are you waiting for? Check out your options for home saunas at Cedar Barrel Saunas and experience the health benefits of gym and spa in the comforts of your home. is a manufacturer & supplier of indoor & outdoor saunas, wood fired saunas, sauna heaters, barrel saunas, DIY sauna kits, steam saunas, ,infrared saunas, cedar saunas, round saunas & many more. Contact us today and unlock our special offers, discounts on sauna kits.

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Outdoor Sauna and 4 Other Must Haves for A Great Backyard Mon, 17 Jul 2017 09:43:46 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas Do you want to make your backyard comfortable, useful and inviting? A backyard is an extension of the home. As an outdoor space, the backyard proves to be the perfect spot, where you can entertain your guests or spend some quality time with family members/friends. It is important to style the backyard with some must have elements like an outdoor sauna and many other things that reflect your personality and suits personal tastes.

Let us discuss some of the must haves for the best backyard!

1. Garden Umbrella:

Adding a high-quality garden umbrella not only provides a shaded area but also creates a visual interest. If you want to enhance a flat backyard, then consider putting in a garden umbrella that will add a pop of color to the yard. Under a garden umbrella, you can spend quality time with your friend, family members or entertain the guests. No doubt, a high-quality garden umbrella will prove to be one of the best must haves for your backyard. Make sure, you install a tear resistant and water repellent garden umbrella, which will prove to be a great investment.

Outdoor Saunas

2. Tiki Torches:

Small yet eye-pleasing the tiki torches are one of the best ways to enhance your backyard look and feel. There are many tiki torch styles available in the market or hardware store, from which you can use the right one to brighten up your backyard. Adding the tiki torches to your backyard bring style and functionality to your outdoor space as well as also helps in keeping the bugs away.

3. Hammock:

You will simply love to maximize your down time with a yard hammock. As per your requirement and choice, you can prefer a modern or traditional style hammock to spend some relaxing moments. Opting for one of the best types of the hammock- a backyard hanging bed, you will enjoy an extra measure of comfort.

4. Outdoor Lighting:

You can have the most out of your backyard by installing outdoor lighting. By having a strategically placed outdoor lighting, you can spend time in the backyard under the stars (with friends, family members, and guests) and avoid tripping over things.

Outdoor Sauna

High Performance Outdoor Sauna:

Installing an outdoor sauna in your backyard will prove to be the most valuable addition. Adding up a sauna makes the look and feel better of your backyard as we as also provides a quiet place to meditate and enjoy a relaxing heat session. A sauna in the backyard will allow you to enjoy an effective heat session in a convenient way that helps in detoxifying your body from all toxins and chemicals via sweet. Compared to visiting the gym, sports club and spa, you can enjoy a comfortable and inexpensive sauna session by installing an outdoor sauna in your backyard. The mental and physical health benefits of a sauna session make it a must-have for your backyard.

If you want to know more about the high quality and durable outdoor saunas, then please browse through this url:!

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How To Enjoy The Service Of Your Home Sauna For Many Years Sat, 06 May 2017 04:36:52 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas Having a sauna in your home can be a real treat. You will experience all the advantages of a proper sauna & sweat bath right from the comfort of your own home. However, like other things Home sauna does need some maintenance. As long as you’re keen to learn regarding how to maintain your sauna, you will be able to make the most of it for many years to come. Saunas are mostly built from wood and this is why they need some special attention to get the optimal performance from them.

Know how to clean your home sauna:

Since the steam will slaughter any bacteria that tend to get into the sauna, you truly don’t have to employ anti-bacterial sprays or any other disinfectants to clean your sauna. Keep in mind that, by using the wrong cleaning agent, you’ll only end up with an unserviceable steam room.

To actually clean your home sauna, you can follow these tips:

  • Employ plain soapy water to clean the wood with the help of a soft fabric.
  • Wash with cool waters
  • For heavy stain, sand the blemished area prior to washing & treating as normal.
  • Be cautious that your cleaner not consist of Ammonia, not just it discharges hazardous gases, it also make the wood grey.
  • It’s also useful to have users wipe out the seats when they make use of the sauna. This’ll help decrease the stain that may happen because of extreme humidity.

Know how to maintain your sauna heater:

The wood is not the single part of your sauna that demands cleaning. The heater also requires some regular maintenance. There’re 2 kinds of sauna heaters, wood burning and electric.

An electric sauna heater is very simple to clean. You can wipe the heater with a gentle fabric & some soapy waters in regular interval to keep it sparkling clean. Don’t ever employ a scratchy fabric, since this pretends to scratch the surface of the metal.

The ashes should be removed from wood burning sauna heaters after every use alongside professional examination of the vents to make sure there’s no fire jeopardy from the creosote accumulation.

The stones used to heat the home sauna are also rather important. Regardless of what type of stones you make use of in your spa, you certainly do require to examine them on a frequent basis. Any stone with cracks or odd smell should be replaced immediately.


It really is not that tough to maintain your home sauna if you know what you are doing. Just try to ignore harsh cleaning agents and keep your heater in top condition and you will relish your home sauna for many years to come. can be contacted for the Sauna Products  for your interior or exterior Sauna installation systems or for any assistance for maintaining it.

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Infrared Sauna Heaters – The Hotter Addition in Sauna Family Mon, 10 Apr 2017 07:00:25 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas Are you a sauna enthusiast? And love following wellness influences on Instagram? If yes, you might have seen the photos of people enjoying infrared saunas – they are the hotter addition in sauna family right now. The difference between any ordinary sauna heaters and infrared sauna heaters is that infrared ones use infrared lamps to heat up your body from the inside out; while traditional ones just heat the air.

Now, there are a few trendy infrared saunas in Canada – where you have to sit in a small room and sweat for a price between $35 – $60. But there is wide availability of DIY infrared saunas on the market that you can make a purchase to enjoy the sauna in the comfort of your own home.

Wood Fired Sauna Heaters

Introducing Infrared Sauna Heaters –

Usually infrared saunas are much easier to operate as they are quite gentler unlike traditional steam saunas and hot rocks. They have the benefits of being effective at a more comfortable temperature of  100° – 150°F. However, there are so many claimed benefits of using infrared saunas – from helping chronic pain to improving mood and even making you feel high. Fortunately, some research have been performed on people who use infrared saunas, so the claims aren’t all anecdotal. Okay, but is an infrared sauna safe for us? Of course, yes using infrared sauna heaters is extremely safe for our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Electric Sauna Heaters

Here are some of the benefits of sauna heaters that might be legit:

Soothe Chronic Pain –

Infrared saunas are much popular amongst celebrities also. Famous American singer, actress and songwriter, Lady Gaga posted an Instagram of herself inside her personalized infrared sauna last year and told she uses it to soothe her chronic pain. A small study on patients with chronic pain found that people using daily sauna session were able to go back to work quicker and get better sleep than multitude varieties of therapy sessions.

Happy Feeling –

Taking an infrared sauna session at home can help you release dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin through the emission of the infrared lights. So, consider buying infrared sauna heaters and remember that you’re doing something good for yourself as well as wellness. No matter what, you’ll feel relaxed and happy after that.

Infrared Sauna Heaters

Heart Wellness –

Laying or sitting in an infrared sauna can increase heart rate; which can offer you a feel like a light jog as it can help you release endorphins likewise exercise. However, a research explains about infrared sauna use that it can be effective for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and congestive heart failure. In short, an infrared sauna session can get your blood flowing; but it won’t necessarily help cure or prevent any heart diseases.

Final Thought –

You don’t have to go outside to relax and feel happy, as you can heat up your body on your own in the comfort of your home by making the purchase of infrared sauna heaters. The perfectly-designed sauna heaters at Cedar Barrel Saunas do more than make people sweat. So buy a DIY sauna to take advantage of the new, advanced features the sauna heaters have on offer!

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Top Reasons to Invest in a Durable Home Sauna Mon, 19 Dec 2016 06:12:07 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas In this first paced world, you hardly find some time out to relax. Have you ever thought to get rid of your day-to-day life’s stress? To deal with your stressful situation, you need slip into a sauna room for enjoying some moments of relaxation. Enjoying a useful heat session in a sauna room will prove to be effective after a tiring day. In this case, compared to the public saunas (at the spas, local gym or sports club), your own home sauna will offer you the perfect comfort and convenience of enjoying the healing effects of an optimal heat session.

By investing in a sauna room in your home, you will love to enjoy the privacy and hygiene that will enhance your sauna experience. Having a sauna at home will allow stepping into a warm relaxation zone that will help you feel renewed and refreshed. Your home sauna will prove to be the perfect place where you can socialize with friends or family members while enjoying a healing and effective heat session.

Please have a look at the best reasons that will inspire every individual to own a durable and well-built sauna in your home:

1. Wear Whatever you Want:

Whether it is a gym, spa or sports club, you will find there are some certain rules and regulations in different places to use the sauna such as the acceptable levels of clothing. At some places, you will need to wear a swimsuit or only a towel, which can at times leave you uncomfortable while sharing the sauna with strangers. But in case of your own sauna at home, you are simply free to wear the right and comfortable clothes for enjoying the sauna.

2. Get a Clean and Hygiene Environment:

A public sauna is visited by hundreds of people, which can prove to be an unhygienic environment. In many cases, most of the public sauna users have complained about getting affected with skin disease. This makes it important to have your own sauna at the home that will make sure that you or your family members are not exposed to random germs. You will love to spend a quality time in a clean and hygiene environment of your sauna room.


3. Enjoy the Convenience:

With a sauna installed at your home, you will not have to get dressed and rush to the public sauna by driving through a busy traffic or bad weather. Your own sauna at the home will offer you the convenience of enjoying an optimal sauna session as per your requirement and comfort. You can use your sauna room at any time of the day or night (for any length of time).

4. Do Not Pay any Fees

Investing in a sauna room will prove to be a one time investment, which ensure less maintenance and operation cost. Compared to paying the membership fees at a gym, spa or a sports club to use the sauna, having your own sauna room will prove to be quite inexpensive. You will simply love to enjoy a private sauna experience in your sauna room installed at the home.

To make the right investment on a durable sauna for your home, rely on Cedar Barrel Saunas. You will get durable and well-built home sauna from Cedar Barrel Saunas at the best price. Our easy to install saunas for your home will help you enjoy an effective heat session in a convenient way. Please feel to contact us today at 180007598990 to know more about our indoor sauna kits, sauna rooms and outdoor barrel saunas.

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Tips for Keeping your Sauna Room in Top Functioning Condition Wed, 23 Nov 2016 04:39:55 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas These days people in all over the world are choosing the natural way of enjoying health, wellness and lifestyle by opting for the most effective sauna sessions. Enjoying a sauna bath or a heat session in a sauna room offers you the sensation of freshness and rejuvenated spirit that improves both physical and mental states. A sauna session will relieve stress, eliminate toxins from the body, heals to an extent the joint pain, colds and allergies, improves sleep and body’s immune system and promotes cardiovascular health.

What makes the best sauna?

An insulated room lined with soft cedar wood, where a top functioning sauna heater is installed makes a high performance sauna room that will help you enjoy optimal heat sessions at your own comfort. Apart from this, in a sauna room, you can use variable lights and sauna accessories like water bucket, a long handled ladle and a sauna thermometer, which will help in getting the best out of your sauna session.

Here are some great tips to care and maintain your sauna room for enjoying the great benefits of heat session:

Sauna Rooms

1. Do thorough Cleaning:

A heat session in a sauna room result in sweating, which can drip down underneath the benches and accumulate, this makes it important to deep clean the sauna room. You can wash the cedar benches of the sauna room with a mild solution or liquid cleaner and water to remove any kind of buildup or perspiration stains from the wood. Please never ever use ammonia or harsh cleaners, as this can turn the wood gray. You need to do a slight wash to maintain the floor clean. In order to preserve your sauna’s cleanliness, you or other members can use towels to sit on while enjoying a sauna session.

2. Maintain the Heating Element:

The rocks and heater are the main heating element that makes saunas effective, for which you need to maintain these in a right way that will not only improve your sauna experience, but also ensures safety. You must clean the rocks in warm soapy water and remove any broken rocks, which will prevent the buildup of debris. The sauna heaters usually require a little maintenance, but this does not mean to stay away from cleaning it. You can clean the stainless steel outer shell of the sauna heater with a soft cloth and mild or non-abrasive cleaner.

sauna rooms

3. Take Good Care of the Sauna Accessories:

One of the most important sauna accessories like the wooden bucket should be kept partly filled with water, which will prevent the wood from drying out and leaking. You can store the bucket (when not in use) at the floor level that will slow the evaporating rate. Likewise make sure all the sauna accessories are clean and well maintained.

sauna rooms

You need to make sure that your sauna room is in top condition to deliver a high performance, which will result in an optimal heat session. If you are planning to build a sauna, then rely on a world leader sauna manufacturer- Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas. You will get an opportunity to buy a customized DIY sauna room kit from Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas at the best price, which are easy and simple to install. Check out our sauna installation guide: to enjoy the convenience and ease of setting up a sauna room.

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9 Guidelines for The Best Safety in Sauna Rooms Sat, 29 Oct 2016 04:59:15 +0000 cedarbarrelsaunas A warm soak in sauna rooms helps people sweat and clean up the possible toxins in their body systems. Heating also allows their aching body tissues or muscles to heal and recover, just like the fever which is a natural way for body to fight against infections by bacteria and virus. A bath in Sauna rooms also increases blood circulation and brings relief in conditions like muscle strain and joint pain.

There are simple guidelines to follow for enjoying the best safety in sauna rooms especially when people are looking to detoxify, relax or lose a few pounds in them. A sauna is a room built indoor or outdoor with cedar panels and sauna heater for a perfect heat bath experience. It consists of upper and lower benches, door and an electric heater with some sauna rocks that get hot and spilled with cold water to produce steam from time to time. The sauna rooms are ideal for recreation and relaxation as well as for therapeutic treatment in home, private clubs or at gyms.

 Sauna Rooms

 Wet Sauna Rooms vs. Dry Sauna Rooms

Sauna rooms are generally of two types; wet sauna rooms or steam rooms and dry sauna rooms. In comparison to wet sauna rooms, dry sauna rooms tend to feel hotter and may even go up to 250°F. When people seat inside dry or wet saunas, their body starts to perspire and pour out toxin out of their skin.

 Benefits of Using Sauna Rooms

Saunas rooms give a warm treatment to body system that can help nurture skin, improve blood circulation, heal wounds and injuries, burn body fat, relax tired tissues and sort out the issue of acne through pore cleansing and stimulation.

 1211324699sanau image


9 Guidelines for Safety in Sauna Rooms

It is essential to follow the following guidelines to experience the best safety in sauna rooms-dry or wet – no matter they are for residential or commercial use.

 1. Avoid wearing jewelry while going to sauna rooms. The metal will heat up fast and cause burn injuries.

 2.  Drink sufficient water before going and after coming from the sauna. It will save you from dehydration that occurs due to humidity and high temperatures.

 3.  After coming out of the sauna, treat yourself with fresh cool air, get inside the swimming pool or have a cold shower to make your body cool down. Be sure to have a cold and hot treatment simultaneously to give your body the best sauna bath moments.

 4.  Cover your hair with a turban or towel otherwise harsh heat can cause the hair shafts to dry out and get weak and break off.

 5.  Don’t forget to apply moisture on your skin after using sauna rooms. Your skin may get dry fast when it gets exposed to normal air again.

 6. Don’t go to sauna rooms after taking heavy meals, drinking alcohol or exercising a lot as your BP may go down and cause you faint inside.

7.  Don’t use the sauna rooms if you have heart ailment or high BP. Always consult with your doctor and then decide.

 8. Do spend too much time in sauna rooms otherwise your skin may get burnt.

 9. If your body is heat sensitive, you need not rest for more than 15-20 mins in sauna rooms. Moderation is key to your health and well being.

Sauna Rooms

Sauna rooms are proven to have healing effect on body and help to strengthen the immunity system too. Whether you want to plan your saunas or need to buy complete sauna kits for building your DIY sauna rooms, Cedar Barrel Saunas can be called anytime at 1 800 759 8990. It is a hot tubs and saunas store working with experts to support customers with planning and choice of sauna rooms. For quick advice on installation or right sauna rooms package,  Cedar Barrel Saunas can be contacted over phone or connected socially on Facebook and Twitter.

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