Top Advantages of Using a Well Built Sauna Room

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Saunas are always known for providing great health benefits. Spending time in a taking a sauna bath in a well built room helps in relieving your stress and strain that will leave you relaxed. Today’s modern lifestyle has made many people feel sick, stressed and exhausted as they normally fails to maintain a balanced diet, do enough exercise and take sufficient rest. In this case, spending some time in a room while enjoying an authentic sauna experience, which will offer numerous health benefits.

Do you know that spending just a few minutes each day in a room to enjoy a sauna bath will make you feel and look better? It is believed that the human body responds well to gentle and persistent heat. This concept led to the sauna bath therapy, which is considered to be the most effective way to achieve wellness. Basically saunas are small rooms that are designed and well built for enjoying effective heat sessions to gain better mental and physical health benefits.

Let us discuss about the advantages of enjoying a sauna bath or effective heat sessions in a small room:

1- Flushes out the Toxins:

Do you know that sweat is a medium through which the body removes toxins? Yes, sweating is a wonderful way to remove the toxins, which the body absorbs over the time like alcohol, nicotine, metals, chemicals and drugs. By spending a few minutes or more in a sauna each day helps your body to detoxify in a natural way trough sweating.

2- Encourage Weight Loss:

Are you looking to get a good health and fit body? Do you want to lose a little weight? Then it will prove to be effective to integrate sauna into your regular gym routine. From a scientific research, it is found that spending 20 minutes in a sauna at around 170 degrees Fahrenheit can help in burning out more than 500 calories. This shows how the sauna bath can make you physically fit and healthy.

3- Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Enjoying an effective heat session or a sauna bath in a small room will make your blood vessels more flexible and increases the heart rate, which regulates the blood pressure. Regularly enjoying heat sessions or sauna will prove to be effective in terms of burning the calories and cardiovascular conditioning.

4- Strengthens the Immune System:

In the sauna, your both internal body temperature and skin temperature is elevated, which helps you enjoy a healing path that increases production of white blood cells and antibodies. Effective sauna sessions in a well built room will strengthen the immune system, which acts as a preventive measure against illnesses like flu, cold and infection.

5- Relives Physical and Mental Stress:

The best thing about an effective heat session or a sauna is that it reduces the stress hormones by increasing the levels of endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones. Regularly using a sauna will prove to be a therapeutic way of supporting optimum health. It is also believed that sauna increases the blood circulation and permits oxygen to reach essential tissues in the body. This helps you in healing from injury or getting relief from pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism. An effective sauna bath in a room will make your muscles and joints relaxed.

If you want to include sauna in your daily life to enjoy effective sessions in a convenient way, then it will be wise to opt for DIY sauna room from Northern Lights Cedar Tubs and Saunas. Our top quality DIY sauna room packages will allow you to convert any space in your home into a well built sauna room in a convenient way. We ship the DIY sauna in compact modular kits to any location in the world.

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How Long It will Take a Wood Fired Barrel Sauna to Heat Up?

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You might have always wanted the luxury of 100% Western red cedar Barrel Saunas in your garden or outdoor area which is a modern retention of a traditional warm soaking concept. Some of the top rated Cedar Saunas manufacturers in the world produce the finely finished and highly functional outdoor barrel saunas packaged with indoor sauna kits. Each of these barrel shaped outdoor sauna is hand built using the finest grade Western Red Cedar wood. Due to excellent stave design, the barrel sauna can guarantee a water tight seal without the use of any covering or roof. And the use of finest elements such as high quality western red cedar wood, stainless steel fasteners and straps, and accessories offers perfect sauna heating experience using wood fired, electric or infra-red sauna heater.

Wood fired barrel saunas deliver warmth, a tender soaking experience, and the pleasant fragrance of original cedar wood in your sauna. Most of the sauna enthusiasts in this world prefer the wood fired barrel saunas as they represent the traditional forms of saunas but with multiple benefits over electrically operated ones. But there is one question which strikes the mind of buyers sooner or later is “How long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat up?” The answer will differ based on the geographical location, the individual’s soaking habit, the heater kind and the sauna size.

The wood fired barrel sauna heating temperature and time may vary from one user to another; some of you like to soak in a lower heat temperature heat, for example 165F, whereas others have a preference for a higher heating temperature such as, 190F. As it is widely known that a wood fired barrel sauna will take 30-40 minutes to heat to 165F in and less than an hour to heat up to190F.

Even though you bother to know how long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat up but the heat time will be mainly based on the surrounding temperature. A barrel sauna used outside in a cooler atmosphere temperature of 20F will take longer to heat than one which is used in the warmer temperature of 50F.

The efficiency and heating capacity of wood stove used in the barrel sauna are crucial for the overall heating experience and in deciding how long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat and operate. The heating time will be less as long as the wood burning stove ignites fire to build up heat fast. Although wood fired barrel saunas emit the pleasant smell and crackling sounds of a typical wood fired stove, the process of catching the fire and building heat can consume a little more time. The traditional heating mechanism of the wood fired heater will take more time and heat up gradually.

There are many reputed cedar wood fired barrel saunas manufacturers like Cedar Barrel with experts to guide you on how long wood fired barrel saunas need to heat up. The barrel like structure of the sauna is not just traditional and attractive but also effective. It is small in dimension than a square size sauna room and has less coverage of air, therefore will heat up your sauna room faster.

So, in a nutshell, wood fired barrel saunas will take around 35 minutes to heat up properly or give you a reasonable heating experience. You can carry on your pre-sauna schedule or do exercise (jogging, walking, running or bike riding) during the heating time.

If you are a pure sauna enthusiast and like to get engaged in the long tradition of natural soaking, check out the site of Cedar Barrel Saunas to know how long wood fired barrel saunas will need to heat and how long they last.

Know Different Choices Available in Sauna Rooms

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No matter you see them as sweathouses or use them for steambath, you will enjoy a multitude of health benefits from the sauna rooms which are mainly therapeutic in nature and ensured thorough dry or wet heat sessions. The traditional dry sauna or Finnish sauna was the first variety of sauna room to be designed. It is still serving as a blueprint for building many of today’s modern saunas. Due to the relaxing bath session in these sauna rooms, a broad range of health benefits can be experienced, while sharing moments in a social/family circle or spending solitary moments both at the physical or mental level.

Various Kinds of Sauna Rooms

Sauna rooms are installed in private homes, luxury resorts, and spas and health clubs as an effective way to relax and heal naturally. From wood-heated or smoke saunas to deep rock tray varieties, the sauna rooms are designed to allow the muscles of users to relax fast, which proves beneficial after a hectic work schedule or hard play session. They make a great alternative for non-physical exercise which promotes higher blood circulation all over the body. Based on the kind of sauna rooms you choose, your experience is likely to differ, but bringing you almost all the advantages associated with the use of a sauna soak. 

When it comes to finding an appropriate option in sauna rooms, there are three major varieties to consider. There are long used varieties of Swedish or Finnish saunas that includes a small room or a separate area. Within the sauna room, a sauna heater gets placed, which may be driven by wood, gas or electricity. Some of these sauna rooms have hot air (dry saunas) while others (wet saunas) produce steam by keeping stones hot and pouring water on them. The second type of sauna uses metal or ceramics to create heat through continuous emission of of far infrared energy and are therefore named after them (far infrared saunas). And your third and final option is infrared lamp saunas, which uses radiant infrared heat lamps to deliver the heat required to make the sauna operative. While selecting this option, you will be able to get the advantages of color therapy induced by from different colors of light, that can be effective in healing of specific organs in the user body.

Be it is your desire to continue with the practice of warm bath for optimal physical benefits or get a soothing relaxation of mind with clear thoughts and high level of satisfaction, the most perfect DIY kits are available on Cedar Barrel Saunas for building sauna rooms of your choice and preference. Call at 1 -800 -317 -9054 or visit online to check out price of packaged DIY kits for sauna rooms on Cedar Barrel Saunas today!

Hot Sauna Bath can Let You Sleep More

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Sleep is essential for the physical health and well-being of a person. Adequate sleep plays a key role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can offer benefits to your mind, heart, weight and much more. People love to take sleeping pills for getting sufficient sleep, but they can’t get better outcomes. If you have avoided the sleeping pills intake, then it seems like you have almost tried everything to get a good night’s sleep. You have stopped watching TVs overnight or reading before bedtime or have made your bedroom quiet and dark. Despite all these hard efforts, you are still not getting an adequate sleep.

Before this thing getting worse, you should try soaking in a sauna before heading to bed. In fact, home sauna holds the high esteem throughout the world because of its amazing ability to relax the human body inside as well as outside. The comforting heat level of sauna offers a hygienic perspiration, respiratory action, blood pressure, clean skin and relieve from the tired muscles. By enhancing the body temperature in a hot sauna before your bedtime can help you improve your sleep quality.

However, it has seen that soaking in a home sauna can help to get rid of the mind’s worries, frustration and anxieties of habitual sauna bathers.  A home sauna bath can effectively alleviate the physical pain like headaches, joint stiffness or muscle strain in order to provide you with truly a restful sleep.

If you are thinking to buy a sauna, but worried that there is unavailability of enough space inside your home? If so, then what about installing a stylish and comfy outdoor sauna in your backyard? Our outdoor barrel saunas are available in different designs and sizes. Outdoor barrel sauna of Cedar Barrel Saunas is manufactured with 7′ Interior diameter standard to offer a perfect head room and ensure maximum comfort and relaxation. Our finest sauna heaters are made of surgical stainless steel with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can get the benefit of sauna bath for years.

Whether it’s a traditional wood fired sauna, infrared sauna or a do-it-yourself kit, the sauna you will purchase from our online shop can offer positive impact on the quality of your sleep and your mental and physical well-being. To know more about our products, click here.

Five Things Sauna Rooms Can Do to Boost Your Health

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Sauna rooms give a warm and comforting feel to your body. It is nothing but warm heat therapy that has been experienced by many ancient cultures in this world for centuries.

The native population of Europe, Sweden and Finland still use sauna rooms and enjoy high longevity even in cold environments where their bodies can’t sweat properly to release toxic wastes.

Different Kinds of Saunas

Generally there are two kinds of saunas – a dry or infrared sauna and a wet sauna (steam room). The wet sauna rooms help the body get warmed from outside to inside whereas the dry or infrared sauna has the reverse effect. Both the kinds of sauna rooms have their merits as well demerits.

The remarkable benefit of a dry sauna is users will have minimal humidity and can attain high heating point, fast growing their metabolic rate and releasing toxins. But some of them even experience an irritated lining of their nose and lungs in the absence of enough humidity.

However, a wet sauna ensures moisture to hydrate the skin and can bring an effective therapy for those suffering from respiratory diseases, allergies and more.  However, it needs to be kept dry and disinfected as bacteria might grow in its moist and warm conditions.

With a steam bath, users may not get to sweat as much as in an infrared sauna and end up soaking chlorine and many other chemicals present in the water steam.

Five Things Sauna Rooms can Do to Boost Your Health:

Skin Cleansing:- The heat bath technology of sauna induces sweating, which helps remove bacteria as well dead cells from the skin.  It rejuvenates skin and make it look like fresh and glowing. 

Sweating in sauna rooms results in a skin bath with clean and minerals rich fluid. It helps maintain skin elasticity, reduces the sagging skin and fine aging lines. Thus, taking a sauna bath regularly helps restore the skin vitality.   

Remove Toxins: The sweating in a sauna can help naturally remove many toxic wastes such as uric acid, sodium and lactic acid, accumulated in the body. Whether toxins are stored in the upper or deeper layer of body fat, they can be effectively released through continuous use and sweating in sauna rooms. The improved circulation also adds to blood flow and cause better oxygenation. A boost in oxygen level aids in dissolving toxins in the blood and getting filtered out .

Minimizes Stress: In a hectic and fast life, many individuals get so stressed that they end up with severe health issues. Spending 10-15 minutes every day to relax and refresh in sauna rooms can be the best solution to unwind from a wild day. Sitting quietly in a warm sauna keeps the mind as well as the muscles relaxed, allowing users to feel good and relieved.

Lose Weight:  The experience of many spa users’ confirms that you can lose a few extra pounds from body by seating in sauna rooms regularly and maintaining an effective diet plan and exercise regime. The profuse sweating uses more and more energy coming from the converted carbohydrates and fat in a biological process, burning ultimately calories.

Enhanced Cardiac Performance: To cope with rising body temperatures, the blood vessels under the skin expand and perform faster to enhance cardiac output. The heart beat can go up  to 110–120 bpm and become normal again during the cooling process.

To experience a boost in your health with the above described facts, you can have a complete package of sauna rooms on Cedar Barrel Sauna. It offers DIY sauna kits in standard packs as well as custom sizes. To choose from the sauna kits that are perfect fit for your room and come operational with safety guard, call now at 1 800 759 8990.

Add to Your Health and Home Luxury with Indoor Sauna Rooms

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For their multiple positive aspects including human health and mental relaxation, sauna rooms should be considered more than a luxury for everyone who has a home. Installing sauna rooms inside your home can add to your own health and personal luxuries.

Sauna rooms are one of the modern type saunas that can be easily installed in indoor area of homes. Unlike outdoor sauna buildings, these saunas are meant to give you plenty of relaxation and warm heat inside the house itself.  If you have any unused room, then using pre-assembled and pre-packaged sauna kits and specialized experts at Northern Lights Cedar Lights, you will be able to convert it into a beautiful and functional sauna room.

Sauna Rooms

Following are some exclusive advantages of sauna rooms:

  • There is no necessity of lot of space for building sauna rooms in your yard or home. Even if you own a small sized home or condo with little space for yard, you will be able to enjoy the exclusive body and mind healing benefits of a sauna by fully or partially converting one of the rooms into a sauna room.
  • Sauna rooms in your home are known for their better privacy and safety. If you build an indoor sauna room, outsiders won’t be able to know about it. Also, you can be at ease while walking to or from your sauna room as there will be none to stalking you. You can enjoy your soak the fullest wearing your swim suit and keeping it private. In this way, convenience and comfort are ensured to you along with privacy and safety. This is the perfect choice for sauna lovers whose priority is nothing else than privacy and safety.
  • The sauna rooms are much safer. In crime prone areas, there is less chance that someone breaks into your home and sauna room as well. Nothing can be safer than using indoor sauna rooms at night. It will save you from walking outside or in your yard and falling down or meeting any unpleasant accidents. If you have security or physical movement problems, you can experience greater peace using safe and secure sauna rooms.
  • In extreme cold climate condition, you won’t have to bother venturing outside for the soaking experience. Regardless of the cold, you can walk into your sauna room at anytime and experience the heat you need the most. If you want to remain unaffected by cold before and after your sauna bath, then indoor sauna rooms are certainly the answer.

Northern Lights Cedar Sauna rooms are neither difficult or nor expensive to build. If you want to order indoor sauna rooms or need sauna heaters for replacement, call or email us today. We have experts to guide you in making your sauna room a super comfort and relaxing zone leading to your ultimate pleasure.

Basic Rules for Using Your Sauna Rooms

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 The soothing and quiet touch of sauna heat can make you feel relaxed and refreshed, but if your guests and family are not sure about the rules to follow in sauna rooms then it might get difficult for them to attain a perfectly relaxed body and mind.

There is always a list of rules posted on public and cottage saunas so that all the users can know what they are expected to do and what to avoid.

You may be having your private sauna room and need to follow a few basic rules to enjoy a perfect soak in it.

Below are discussed a few basic rules you should follow while using your sauna.

So, before getting into the sauna rooms, make sure to go through the following rules.

  1. If you want to install and use the sauna room, be sure to follow all the instructions regarding use, and maintenance of the service provider.
  2. The adjustments of the sauna heater and other equipments should be strictly done by the service provider
  3. You can use sauna only if you are healthy and fit.
  4. Minors should be accompanied by their parents or adult guardians.
  5. You should avoid soaking in sauna in case you have any illness like high BP, heart disease, diabetes and more
  6. You are advised to spend a maximum of 15-20 minutes in each soaking session.
  7. You should give attention to the sanitation and hygiene of the room.
  8. You can use it 2-3 times in every week for enjoying optimal health.
  9. Take a rinse or shower to remove dirt, contaminants and cosmetics from your body before going into the sauna
  10. Remove all metal watches, necklaces, jewelry and other accessories to avoid skin burn.
  11. You should sit in the sauna wearing a cotton towel
  12. Don’t use contact lenses or glasses in it.
  13. Make sure to change your place from the lower benches to higher ones with the gradual heating of your body.
  14. While having the heat treatment, keep your muscles loose to enjoy deep relaxation and maintain silence.
  15. Once you are finished with the sauna session, you have to cool down your body, but without soap to avoid overheating and get familiar with the normal temperature.
  16. You should not come to the sauna in shoes or fully clothed.
  17. You should not drink, eat or smoke inside it.
  18. You should hydrate properly before or after a sauna bath.

Following all these basic guidelines can ensure that none of your family and friends feels pain or uneasiness in  sauna rooms.

Getting soaked in sauna rooms, feeling their heat absorbed into your skin, sweating out the toxins in your body and breathing calmly in clean and hot environment can be the most relaxing activity for your friends and family. Contact now to know how the installation of sauna rooms by Northern Lights Cedar Saunas can bring heavenly comfort  to your guests and family.

How to care for your Sauna Rooms?

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Sauna rooms have great value for their healing qualities and relaxing effect. They can be fit for use, and allow you the therapeutic benefits and comfort provided that you take proper care of them. However sauna needs minimal care and zero maintenance.

The maintenance of sauna will be simple and easy if its floor is tightly sealed and applied with wood preservative on selected sections. Once you finish with a sauna soak, keep its door open to allow free flow of air and quick drying of wooden surfaces. You can also lift up duckboards to help them dry out.

A thick piece of terrycloth, preferably double layered should always be used on the top bench to make you feel comfortable and keep the bench free from your sweat. Again, this cloth should be cleaned regularly.

It requires mild wash of the wood floor in sauna rooms many times a year to help it keep clean. The cedar wood benches can get cleaned with a gentle solution of liquid detergent and water to get rid of dirt and sweat getting deposited on the wood over time. You should avoid ammonia or hard cleaners as they damage the wood color and make it appear gray. It is better not to try sanding or stripping before applying a re-coat on wood. Again, any commercial grade wood sealant should not be used as they are unable to survive the humidity and temperature of sauna.

Sauna Rooms Maintenance

It is to be remembered that shrinkage or swelling may appear in the sauna door based on the level of moister inside the home and the weather outside. With removal of the friction door catch and adjustment of pressure-setting, this problem can get sorted out fast.

A low watt (40-60) and light colored bulb either in amber orange or white color can be used in your sauna to make them look warm, soft and comfortable. To increase the life of sauna bulb, it will be better to use a rough service bulb which is used in automotives a lot.

Sauna Heaters maintenance 

There is no regular maintenance or serious care required for sauna heaters. But the outer layer of the heater should be wiped with a soft cleaning agent. You will have to avoid things like steel wool that will cause it rust. Again, don’t open or un assembled the heater without the help of a professional.

Be sure to replace granite rocks in sauna rooms every six to ten years time. Sometimes, they may last as long as 15 years.

Sauna Accessory maintenance 

The wooden bucket should be treated with care and be rather placed upside down to keep drying especially when they are not used. You should prevent the ceiling from getting hot air which may come from any metal buckets kept on the top bench.

Since the care and maintenance of sauna rooms is not so hard, every one of you can think of getting one built in your home or outdoor area very soon. In case, you want to go ahead with this plan in a few days, pick up sauna rooms from Cedar and Barrel Saunas. We deal in all kinds of saunas including traditional Finnish , barrel shaped and cedar saunas. Checkout the features of each one of them and select the one you like the most.