Basic Rules for Using Your Sauna Rooms

 The soothing and quiet touch of sauna heat can make you feel relaxed and refreshed, but if your guests and family are not sure about the rules to follow in sauna rooms then it might get difficult for them to attain a perfectly relaxed body and mind.

There is always a list of rules posted on public and cottage saunas so that all the users can know what they are expected to do and what to avoid.

You may be having your private sauna room and need to follow a few basic rules to enjoy a perfect soak in it.

Below are discussed a few basic rules you should follow while using your sauna.

So, before getting into the sauna rooms, make sure to go through the following rules.

  1. If you want to install and use the sauna room, be sure to follow all the instructions regarding use, and maintenance of the service provider.
  2. The adjustments of the sauna heater and other equipments should be strictly done by the service provider
  3. You can use sauna only if you are healthy and fit.
  4. Minors should be accompanied by their parents or adult guardians.
  5. You should avoid soaking in sauna in case you have any illness like high BP, heart disease, diabetes and more
  6. You are advised to spend a maximum of 15-20 minutes in each soaking session.
  7. You should give attention to the sanitation and hygiene of the room.
  8. You can use it 2-3 times in every week for enjoying optimal health.
  9. Take a rinse or shower to remove dirt, contaminants and cosmetics from your body before going into the sauna
  10. Remove all metal watches, necklaces, jewelry and other accessories to avoid skin burn.
  11. You should sit in the sauna wearing a cotton towel
  12. Don’t use contact lenses or glasses in it.
  13. Make sure to change your place from the lower benches to higher ones with the gradual heating of your body.
  14. While having the heat treatment, keep your muscles loose to enjoy deep relaxation and maintain silence.
  15. Once you are finished with the sauna session, you have to cool down your body, but without soap to avoid overheating and get familiar with the normal temperature.
  16. You should not come to the sauna in shoes or fully clothed.
  17. You should not drink, eat or smoke inside it.
  18. You should hydrate properly before or after a sauna bath.

Following all these basic guidelines can ensure that none of your family and friends feels pain or uneasiness in  sauna rooms.

Getting soaked in sauna rooms, feeling their heat absorbed into your skin, sweating out the toxins in your body and breathing calmly in clean and hot environment can be the most relaxing activity for your friends and family. Contact now to know how the installation of sauna rooms by Northern Lights Cedar Saunas can bring heavenly comfort  to your guests and family.