Weird yet Interesting Real Saunas Around the Globe

We all know that sauna has many health benefits such as it helps in improving blood circulation, sweating, boosting immune system, toning up muscles, providing relief from sleeping disorders, mental agility, and much more. But do you know there are many weird yet interesting saunas around the world? Want to know where these saunas are and how do they look? Then below is the list!

Tram Sauna

A sauna built in a real tram cart by Italian designers to prove that public transports are also relaxing.

Finnish Sauna Bus

Go sauna on the way to work with this amazing Finnish sauna bus.

Gondola Sauna

Hop on a Gondola lift with a sauna incorporated within and enjoy while on the slopes in Lapland.

Outdoor Barrel Sauna

When the outdoor space of your house is small but you want to incorporate outdoor saunas then these barrel versions are a great alternative!

World’s Largest Public Sauna

Located on a remote beach on an island in the Arctic Circle, world’s largest public sauna was installed by a Norwegian art project. This sauna can hold over a hundred people! So if you love to get sweat in groups, this is the perfect option for you!

Floating Sauna

Enjoy sauna while floating and if it heats up more, jump into the water and have a revitalizing cool swim!

Salt Sauna

A sauna with walls made of Himalayan Salt is in Den Bosch, Netherlands and it looks absolutely stunning. It has great health benefits including blood sugar regulation.

Ice Sauna

Not a real sauna, but it is a cold room that offers temperature as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. But it offers health benefits just like the traditional ones do!

Fast Food Sauna

Are you a burger lover and also love sauna? Then Burger King, Helsinki has combined the both for you! Yes you heard it right! You can enjoy your burger while sauna bathing in the first food sauna which was opened in 2015 for the first time by Burger King. So sweat out your extra fat while enjoying burger!


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